Experience a wedding that everyone will remember.


Say your “YES” in the open air at your favorite place.

Whether it’s a meadow outside the city, a clearing in the woods, or the top of a mountain, where you like to go hiking – we will organize your wedding anywhere.

Just imagine – meadow surrounded by forests, views of the surroundings, and the sky overhead. In the middle is a white tent; on the tables are vases with meadow flowers. When the last tear drips over your “yes,” a delicious snack is served. The first curious people gather at the bar, and a band is waiting on the dance floor. They celebrate until night, and everyone has a great time. No one has to deal with the transport home- accommodation in cozy tents with mattresses is prepared for guests. The sanitary facilities are nearby. The wedding guests gradually tire, and you dance under the stars. Do you want to experience such a wedding day?

Choose a date and place,
and we will take care of everything else

What we arrange
Dream wedding gate

Do you already know what your wedding place will look like? If not, we have an idea 🙂

Wedding reception

Wedding catering, sweet bar, draft beer, men's corner with cigars and whiskey- just say.

Illuminated party tent

Equipped tent with a capacity of 100-500 people, dance floor with decoration on request according to your taste.

Spacious tents for guests

Have you slept in a tent on a mattress and under a duvet? Trust me, drunken by the genius of loci and a few drops of alcohol will make your sleep the best you have had in ages.

Luxury sanitary facilities

Toilets with running water. And what if there is no connection nearby? Not a problem. We have a bag for water and waste.

This is a package of our services. Individual parts can be ordered separately.
The only thing we can’t provide is the weather.

Your favorite place!
It does not matter if you do not have any. We have a few locations reserved for you.


Zašová meadow with a view of Radhošť

Meadow near the spa Teplice nad Bečvou

Your favourite place

Our weddings in the meadow

"We met at the cottage, and two years later Petr proposed to me there, so when we were planning the wedding, the choice of location was clear. The Glamping party team handled everything from electricity, to the lack of water, to the accommodation of guests, which everyone looks back to today in good! And that includes our grandmothers. The food was perfect, everyone had a great time, and we enjoyed our day. The only thing I would do differently next time (I hope there won't be any next time 🙂 ) is to plan the whole wedding straight for the entire weekend, not just for one day. It went by so fast!"

– Bára and Petr

"We didn't want the typical wedding in a well-known wedding resort that everyone has. We wanted a wedding outside and in a place where we like to go on trips. The problem was that there was no electricity or water. We contacted the Glamping party, and they helped us organize the whole wedding. The wedding was successful, and we didn't have to worry about anything. If you are hesitant about a wedding resort or a wedding in a place you consider important, we recommend the second option. And invite Peter and his people to help; you will not regret it!"

– Petra and Vlastimil

"We had our wedding in our garden behind the cottage. Since there is no hotel in the area, we had to solve where to accommodate all guests. At first, the guests didn't like the idea of sleeping in the tents, but the next day everyone praised the good sleep they had. I think the whole wedding was one great experience for everyone. We thank The Glamping party for the organization and professional approach!"

– Lada and Vojta

Questions and Answers

Can you organize a wedding anywhere?

Yes. Contact us, and we’ll look into it. It all based on mutual agreement.

Can you make a wedding underwater or in the air?

We can, but we prefer to stand firmly on the ground, so we do not offer these services.

What is the capacity of a large wedding tent? How many people can fit in there?

We will set up a party tent big enough for all your wedding guests. We will organize a small wedding or a large one with a maximum capacity of 500 people.

How many wedding guests can be accommodated in your tents?

We can accommodate up to 500 people in 250 tents.

What if there is no electricity or drinking water?

It is not a problem. We will bring the water in tanks and produce electricity with the central offices’ help. They will be placed at a sufficient distance so that they do not disturb the wedding.

What if it rains?

Some say that it rains luck to the newlyweds. Unfortunately, we can’t arrange the weather, but we will bring a large party tent that has enough capacity for all guests to shelter from the rain.

How should we imagine sleeping in tents? Should guests take mats and sleeping bags?

The tents are designed as a tent hotel. Inside are comfortable mattresses, duvets, pillows, towels, and lamps.

Do you also provide toilets and showers?

That is also possible. Contact us and we will talk.

Won't the meadow be destroyed after the wedding festivities?

We guarantee that we will clean the meadow and restore it to its original condition. Our tests show that the traces of trucks will disappear in 10 days.

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The Glamping Party was created as a sub-brand of a pop-up tent hotel during F1 and MotoGP under the name GPtents.